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I got a text file with contents like below

2012/03/15 : "Password":"@#4JF9u92r","Name":"John"

I wish to use sed to change the above to

2012/03/15 : "Password":"XXX","Name":"John"

I have tried the following command

cat log.txt | sed 's/\("Password":\"\)\(.*\)\(\",\"Name\":\)/\1XXX/'

But it gives me

2012/03/15 : "Password":"XXX"John"

What did I do wrong?


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Thanks to everyone :) – forestclown Mar 16 '12 at 1:57
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You should slightly change your sed command:

sed 's/\("Password":\"\).*\(\",\"Name\":\)/\1XXX\2/'
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Below regex is the base one, place necessary escape characters


Replace with \1XXX\3

After placing proper escape characters, I think it should be something like this.

cat log.txt | sed '\(s/\"Password\":\"\)\(.*?\)\(\",\"Name\":\"\(.*?\)\"\)/\1XXX\3/'
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This might work for you:

echo '2012/03/15 : "Password":"@#4JF9u92r","Name":"John"' |
sed 's/\("Password":"\)[^"]*/\1XXX/'
2012/03/15 : "Password":"XXX","Name":"John"
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Thanks, this is more concise...but might not work if password contain the " character.. – forestclown Mar 16 '12 at 1:56

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