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With firefox 11 there is a new feature called 3D page inspector which I would like to test because I think is really useful.

However, I can't really find where this should be enable or how to do it!

Can anyone help me with this? I'm going mad

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Invoke the Element Inspector using Ctrl+Shift+I or by clicking the appropriate menu item:

enter image description here

Now, pick an element on the page (optional):
enter image description here

By clicking the 3D button, you'll get the desired 3D view: enter image description here

There is no "3D" button/It doesn't work. What now?

Firefox uses WebGL for the 3D view.

To my understanding, this feature was also previously available in the form of the Tilt addon. The blog says:

Available as an addon

The latest version of Tilt can be found on Github, but you can also download Tilt as an addon from addons.mozilla.org.

For compatibility, Tilt requires WebGL capabilities. Go to get.webgl.org to check availability and troubleshoot any issues. The current version works with Firefox 6.0 to latest 10.0 Nightly releases (latest Nightly builds now also support WebGL anti-aliasing, working great with Tilt).

To start Tilt, hit Control+Shift+M (or Command+Shift+M if you’re on Mac OS), or go to Web Developer -> Tilt, available in the Firefox application menu (or the Tools menu on Mac OS). You can modify this hotkey (and other properties) from the Options menu after starting Tilt.

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Thanks!!! In the Italian localization is a bit hard to understand that the 3D view is in that function!!! Is beautiful –  Fire-Dragon-DoL Mar 15 '12 at 12:14
I don't have the 3D button. –  kitsched Mar 20 '12 at 16:09
@kitsched I would assume it requires WebGL support or something similar. You could open a new question and see if someone knows. –  Oliver Salzburg Mar 20 '12 at 16:14
I cannot for the life of me find the 3D button. It simply isn't there! I have installed FF11 on three different computers with the exact same result! All I can see is the HTML and Style buttons. –  Diego Deberdt Mar 20 '12 at 22:18
As Oliver Salzburg mentions, go to get.webgl.org and see what it says. In my case it said that WebGL is disabled on my system. –  ShankarG Mar 27 '12 at 9:19

I had this working previously, but in FF 30.0 it was disabled for some reason. The new style button is different from the "3D" button in other answers - now it's a cube icon. It didn't appear until I manually enabled the option in the Developer Tools.

enter image description here

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To enable webgl on FF (i.e. 11) go to address "about:config" in browser, put "webgl" in Search box, dblclick (set to True) setting "layers.acceleration.force-enabled"

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Nothing worked for me except this:

  • Go to about:config
  • Set webgl.force-enabled as true.
  • Set webgl.msaa-force as true.
  • Set layers.acceleration.force-enabled as true.
  • Set gfx.direct2d.force-enabled as true.

Source: http://techawakening.org/firefox-11-3d-inspect-button-not-working/946/

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I'm on Firefox 20 and I could the message "could not initialize tilt". I updated firefox then created a new variable in about:config called "webgl.enabled_for_all_sites", set it to true, and it worked! source of help: http://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-enable-webgl-in-firefox-chrome-and-safari/

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