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I have a structure of folders, each containing a file with the same name "Client - Document.docx". Is there a utility or expedient method (running Windows XP) to replace each of these files with an updated version of the file beyond 120 CTRL+C,Vs?

For raw commands, please explain what the syntax is, and the switches used.

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  • Assuming the existing files are called doc1.doc, and
  • assuming the new file is called doc1.doc and is in the current directory, and
  • assuming the file tree starts in Dir1

    for /r Dir1 %a in (doc1.doc) do copy /y doc1.doc %~pa\doc1.doc
    You will need quotes around any file names with spaces.

For /r Dir1 in (doc1.doc) tells "for" to search subdirectories of Dir1 for doc1.doc and put each file found in the %a variable.

copy /y says replace without asking

%~pa1 is the path only component of the %a variable.

Run this for a non-destructive look at what might happen

for /r Dir1 %a in (doc1.doc) do echo %~pa\doc1.doc

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Do you mind explaining what the syntax is, and the switches used? – mfg Mar 15 '12 at 15:10

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