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I'm connecting to a remote SSH linux server from a windows host using plink. This works correctly, I setup a private/public key and can authenticate without any problem.

Thing is, when using plink once I'm connected the backspace key produces odd characters (something like '<-[K') and I get bell rings from the computer every now and then.

This is really baffling because if I use PuTTY it works fine I can erase using backspace and no bell. What is even more odd is that plink is loading the session that I made using PuTTY.

This is the command I use : plink -load virtual_MMFU Basically, the session works fine when used with PuTTY but whatever I change under keyboard or bell doesn't have any effect when using it with plink.

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By chance you haven't happened to find a solution? I've run into the same problem and can't seem to find a solution. – dtmland May 31 '13 at 17:25

Just use "MyEnTunnel". It's essentially a plink, but with some ease-of-use functions.

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Thanks, I'll try this one – Leo Mar 16 '12 at 6:17

I run into the same problem earlier today, and I just resolved it.

Basically the problem, at least for me, is not in plink, but is because I call plink under powershell. Characters like <-[00, <-[K are in fact ANSI escape characters, and <-[K means erase in line. But both cmd and powershell does not support this.

I resolve this problem by installing Console2 and AnsiCon following this link.

It is surprising that this question is already two years old without a very good answer. So I just write this and hope it will help anyone who encounter this problem in the future.

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