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I recently switched from windows to ubuntu, and this is bothering me. I used to be able to expand packages by pressing the right arrow, but now I have to press enter to do it in ubuntu.

Is there any way to change that?
(I've never touched any configuration regarding this, that's why I assume it has to do with the operating system)

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From a similar question on stack overflow, I found out how to configure arrow keys to work on Eclipse's package explorer on Ubuntu. In short:

Put this into your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and you should be good to go.

binding "gtk-binding-tree-view" {
    bind "Left"     { "expand-collapse-cursor-row" (0,0,0) }
    bind "Right"    { "expand-collapse-cursor-row" (0,1,0) }
class "GtkTreeView" binding "gtk-binding-tree-view"

Update: You may have to restart eclipse.

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