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I'm trying to emulate the Comma style in Excel 2010.

From what I can tell, this appears to be the same as having the Number format set with "Decimal Places" set to 2 and the "Use Thousands Separator" checked.

Are there any other subtle differences I should be aware of?

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There is no difference in internationalization between the two formats. Excel will handle this automatically.

Some actual differences are

  1. The comma style puts a "-" for a value of 0.

  2. The comma style uses parentheses for negative values.

  3. The comma style has different spacing.

The following represents these differences

  Comma  |Number with thousands separator
1,000.00 |                       1,000.00
   10.00 |                          10.00
      -  |                           0.00
 (10.00) |                         -10.00

If you want to specify the comma style as a number format you can use the custom string

"_(* #,##0.00_);_(* (#,##0.00);_(* \"\" - \"\"??_);_(@_)"
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