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When I select text by holding down the left mouse key and drag the mouse to the left, Firefox interprets it as if I had hit the Back Button. Same for the "left to right" move...

This makes editing in the browser (like this post) very difficult.

I have the plugin "mouse gestures redox 2.1.4" installed on Firefox 3.5.3 (Max OS 10.5.3). This used to be different the last few years...


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By default Mouse Gestures Redox uses the right button for applying gestures. It seems it's configured to work with the left button on your Firefox.

Check the option extensions: Tools > Add-ons > Select Mouse Gestures Redox extension > Options button

In the General tab, under "Make Gestures with", make sure you have the "right button" radio button selected.

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Try running Firefox in safe mode. If you still have the problem, it's a setting in Firefox. If you don't have the problem, then it's the plugin's fault.

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Just a note related to your question: sometimes when using online editors such as TinyMCE, Firefox can get confused when using Delete/Backspace, or (on a Mac) when using Cmd-Left or Cmd-Right to go to the start or end of a line. Actually, the very same editor used on a different website might not show these problems. (Often these problems are related to some special dynamic loading of the editor, which then confuses the browser.)

To disable navigation using Delete/Backspace one can set the Browser.backspace_action preference.

To disable navigation using specific other keys, one can use the keyconfig add-on.

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