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Winamp has again decided to disappear into a position where I cannot move it. It is the only program that ever does this. Normally I can fix it, and I am determined to fix it without the need to reinstall it.

I am running Windows 7. I have tried switching themes and back again with no dice, however, the other themes are in the correct position, but Winamp remembers the previous position of the Bento theme. I have tried using keyboard move shortcuts, but again, no dice. No move option exists if I right-click the window. I literally cannot move this window using the means that would allow me to move any other window.

Any help in solving this problem would be much appreciated.

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If you are using another monitor to expand your desktop, you cannot leave Winamp on the secondary monitor before detaching the secondary monitor.

If you have already detached the secondary monitor and you cannot move Winamp back to your primary display, you have to edit the Bento skin configuration (typically located at C:\%APPDATA%\Winamp\studio.xnf).

Open studio.xnf in Notepad and find these lines (typically around the 23rd line):

<entry name="Bento_nomax_x" value="????" />
<entry name="Bento_nomax_y" value="????" />

Replace those lines with the following (this will reset the window position to the top-left corner of your primary display):

<entry name="Bento_nomax_x" value="0" />
<entry name="Bento_nomax_y" value="0" />

Save the file, and open Winamp.

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I attached a secondary monitor & simply moved it so that it was "above" the other monitor in the display settings, this allowed me to grab it as I would any other window. – unillogical Aug 4 '12 at 0:08

Deleting studio.xnf also works; it resets all "skin" settings like size and position of all windows (main, playlist, music library, album art).

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I had the same problem. I went to Winamp preferences → Video and ticked "Synchronise video to screen refresh rate". I tried opening another video file and the video window magically popped up on the primary monitor.

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You don't have to modify studio.xnf file. Just set you secondary monitor to main and winamp appears. Than you can switch back main monitor and winamp will be still visible.


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If youre using "winamp modern" skin like i am, you need to navigate yourself to line "section name="Container:main">" in %AppData%\Winamp\Studio.xnf and change values in

"entry name="rect" value="1,461,1,480" /> entry name="restoredrect" value="1,461,1,480" />"

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