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I'm planning on installing Windows 8 preview on a spare laptop. I looked all over the faq page but did not see anything about how the licensing works. I understand that it's free for me to install right now.

My question is once Windows 8 is released, will my current license still work or will the preview version essentially stop working? Will the preview version be allowed upgrades/fixes (I figure this is less likely). Essentially I'm wondering if early adopters/testers will be allowed to keep their license in exchange for trying out the new OS.

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The Developer Preview was set to expire March 12, 2012, but it along with the Consumer Preview expires Jan 15, 2013.

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I have seen several things, including signs at retail stores, that said the upgrade from Windows 7 to 8 would cost $14.99. I think that is fair and much less than any other Windows upgrade has been.

I am using Windows 8 right now (Samsung slate tablet PC) with the touch-screen keyboard, and I like it.

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