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In Windows-XP, It's not possible to display the date format in DD/MM/YYYY, because it wasn't available in the regional and language options.The following image'll illustrate my problem.

enter image description here

So i'm planning to override the default Short Date Format.But i don't know how to do it..Any help will be appreciated:)

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Try change "Standards And Formats" to "English(United Kingdom)"

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I don't want to ruin @pinger's answer.But if you really want to override the date format according to your requirements you can follow the following steps,

Step:1 Go to Run Command and type regedit.

enter image description here


In the dialog box,Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER then expand International and then double-click sShortDate,then a modal window will appear,here you can enter your customize date format to override the default.

enter image description here

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