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I installed SL6 few days ago, then I installed the required packages for KVM, however when I tried to modify the ifcfg-ethX file in order to add a bridged connection, I found out that it does not exist at all, I only have the one for the loop back interface. I looked for the file in the following path /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts, but nothing. Here you can see what I've got into the network-script folder.

[root@localhost network-scripts]# ls -a
.            ifdown-ipv6    ifup          ifup-plip    ifup-wireless
..           ifdown-isdn    ifup-aliases  ifup-plusb   init.ipv6-global
ifcfg-lo     ifdown-post    ifup-bnep     ifup-post    net.hotplug
ifdown       ifdown-ppp     ifup-eth      ifup-ppp     network-functions
ifdown-bnep  ifdown-routes  ifup-ippp     ifup-routes  network-functions-ipv6
ifdown-eth   ifdown-sit     ifup-ipv6     ifup-sit
ifdown-ippp  ifdown-tunnel  ifup-isdn     ifup-tunnel

I really would appreciate any explanation or link to some document, since the red hat 6 documentation said that I should have it. The other odd thing is that I m connected and every thing work.

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i had the same Problem under Fedora 16, then i found this: ifcfg-eth0-missing

so i stoped NetworkManager:

systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

and created the interface file myself.Other than that i found nothing helpful.

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