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Hopefully I'll be able to explain clearly what I would like:

I have a spreadsheet about a car pool. I have to put an "x" (check) in a cell when there are seats available to transport people, but I want this "x" to have a value from another cell:

Screenshot of spredsheet

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Try using this formula in G28 Cell, which gives x as result:-

=IF(COUNTIF(G3:G27, "=x")>0, "x", "")

If you want count of those cells then use this formula:-

=SUMIF(G3:G27, "=x",D3:D27)

If your sheet popup for Circular Reference, then you need to enable Circular Reference. Below are the steps:-

  1. Click on Office Button
  2. Click Excel Options Link
  3. Click Formula Link from Left Navigation
  4. Check the Enable Iterative Calculation box
  5. Click OK button

Now you will result as 10 in G28 Cell

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Don't understand the point about circular reference @Siva_Charan, can't you just use the SUMIF as a regular formula? In G28 copied across =SUMIF(G3:G27,"x",$D3:$D27) – barry houdini Mar 17 '12 at 15:42
@barryhoudini: When am testing with inputs, I have common across with a popup related to circular reference thats the reason I have given steps. Actually I don't think circular reference is required for SUMIF. Thanks for pointing. – Siva Charan Mar 17 '12 at 16:12

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