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I really like bitmap fonts for programming/terminal. As far as I know there are two bitmap fonts with good unicode support:

The problem is that I have a really high resolution screen, and they're both too small. Fixed does include a large size (10x20) but it looks really bad (it's basically always bold, and bold is a different face).

Are there any other bitmap fonts with unicode support and large sizes? Terminus is the only font with a decent size but it doesn't have good unicode support. Having good coverage for mathematical symbols would be enough, since that's what I need.

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Come now, moderators; bitmap fonts stay unchanged for decades. The answers are unlikely to become outdated quickly. – Ed Avis Jan 5 '15 at 11:10
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My UW ttyp0 has about 3000 Unicode characters, including a number of stylistic variants (plain, dotted or slashed zero, centered or raised asterisk, visible or invisble NBSP, etc.). I don't know which symbols you're looking for; math coverage is clearly not complete, but it may be sufficient for your needs. APL and Z notation are not covered, though. Sizes range from 6x11 to 11x22 in regular, bold, and some italic. Currently it's only .bdf/.pcf (that is, the X11 bitmap format); if you need .fon or some other font format, you'll have to convert it yourself (it's free software).

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You font is really beautiful and useful, thanks for your work and sharing. Related to your statement about if you need .fon: could you provide some hints how to convert your font to .fon, please? (and name some tools, both win and nix are good). TYIA. – ArtM Mar 2 '13 at 19:34
There is a bdf2fon tool at github, but I've never used it. If I remember correctly, fontforge can also convert to fon. – Uwe Mar 5 '13 at 18:02
Unfortunately, it can't produce a valid result. bdf2fon is composed of 2 apps: bdf2fnt and fnt2fon. When running bdf2fnt it stops with the error can't parse line ENCODING 256. It seems everything is limited to 255 chars. Something similar I get from FontForge when performing Generate fonts: a small 5kb .fon file as output with only 255 chars. Any ideas how to bypass this 255 limit? or maybe even better if a specification of the FON format could be found and I'll be able to write an app for this purpose. – ArtM Mar 5 '13 at 19:10
According to the spec for .fnt, which can be found for instance at, there is indeed a hard-coded limit: It says that the character codes of the first and the last character in the font are stored as bytes (that is, 0 to 255). So fnt/fon works only for 8-bit code pages. Can you convert it to a bitmap-only .ttf using fontforge instead? – Uwe Mar 5 '13 at 23:13
FON can use more than 255 chars for sure (at least Terminus is one example, ~880 chars, and it also has BDF files). About bitmap-only .ttf: I select (faked) MS bitmap only.., then I get the warning ..font contains no glyphs wiht unicode encoding, then I get a ~75kb .ttf which can't be open/used by the OS, but the font extensio tool says Ttyp0 Medium contains 2936 glyphs and no standard kern pairs. This font includes embedded bitmaps. – ArtM Mar 7 '13 at 10:49

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