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I've got a laptop with a dead LCD martrix. I can connect an external monitor, and this displays the windows 'loading' screen fine. However, when windows has started the screen is blank (no signal), and fn-F4 does not do anything.

Is there any other way of forcing XP to use the external monitor, that does not require configuration via the GUI?

Additional info: I get a signal in XP safe mode.

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Is the screen blank as in "you only see the extended desktop" or in "the screen receives no signal"? – Oliver Salzburg Mar 17 '12 at 17:44
@oliver: Screen receives no signal – UpTheCreek Mar 17 '12 at 18:14
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  1. Press Win (opens Start menu)
  2. Press C (Selects Control Panel)
  3. Press D (Selects Date and Time)
  4. Press D (Selects Display)
  5. Press Enter (Opens the Display Properties dialog)
  6. Press Shift+Tab (Selects the tab control)
  7. Press Right Arrow 4 times (Selects the Settings tab)
  8. Press Tab 2 times (Selects the Display dropdown box)
  9. Press Down Arrow (Selects second display in said dropdown and focuses on the display arrangement panel)
  10. Press Tab 4 times (Focuses the Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor checkbox)
  11. Press Space (Checks the checkbox)
  12. Press Enter (The display should now activate)

  13. At this point it is very likely that you will be asked if the selected configuration is working correctly (remember the dialog?). Pressing Y should confirm the dialog.

This works only if you're already logged on and are using an English version of Windows XP.

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This worked, thank you. Although I had to modify steps 1-5, as this only works if you don't have any other programs beginning with c in your start men. 1. Win-R to bring up run dialog, 2. type 'control desk.cpl' enter, to open screen properties. From then on follow step 6 onwards. – UpTheCreek Mar 18 '12 at 17:35

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