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I need a simple, no nonsense nor bloatware screen capture program with the ability to
- capture the current application
- capture full screen
- save the files with increasing index in the filename into a predefined directory for quick capturing
- and a trim function

I'm making some tutorials for some students, and most of the ones I've seen fail on at least one of those requirements.

Has anyone got any recommendations perhaps?

This is not a -mention every screen capture program in existence- question.

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I'm using PicPick, it fit all your needs with the following exception

  • When you use auto-saving, you can't edit (trim for example) the screenshot before it's saved.
  • The current version (3.1.5) is a little bit heavy (> 10 MB), the old versions are lightweight (ver 2.1.5 < 1.5 MB)
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