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YouTube has a cool feature where you can link to locations within a video. e.g.:

Is there a way to do this with audio (e.g. MP3) files, preferably those hosted on the web?


I'd like to build a library of interesting moments within podcast episodes, so I can easily reference and jump back to that location later. e.g. I want to be able to record that someone said an interesting story in "This American Life", Episode 5, at 45 minutes and 10 seconds. It would be nice if I could do this without requiring a complex software setup on my PC or iPhone.

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There is, actually. With HTML5 audio, you can specify the playback range in the hash.,20
Specifies that the video should play the range 10 seconds through 20 seconds.,10.5
Specifies that the video should play from the beginning through 10.5 seconds.,02:00:00
Specifies that the video should play from the beginning through two hours.,
Specifies that the video should start playing at 60 seconds and play through the end of the video.

Tried this on some random MP3 file I googled up and it works fine for me in Google Chrome on OS X:,12

The one thing that doesn't seem to work is #t=10, to play from 10 secs until the end. But #t=10,999 worked fine.

I wouldn't expect this to work across all browsers, though. New versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox are likely supported, but IE tends to disappoint.

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Great, thanks! Too bad that unlike YouTube it downloads the entire file even when I only need a small segment, but at least this gives me what I was looking for. – RexE Mar 18 '12 at 0:07

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