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Recently I been thinking about how a intranet could use markdown for their documents.

Which these documents can be modified and use git for version control so they are like a gist on github (each document is a separate git repo).

Of course the document might not be markdown, could be a snippet etc. Which could be handy on a intranet (library of snippets etc).

Not sure if this is already done, but any thoughts on this?

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Gitit and Viki are related, although they use a single repository per site. Also ikiwiki. – grawity Mar 18 '12 at 1:30
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Use DownmarkerWPF (github) in combination with Git.

MarkPad (formerly known as DownmarkerWPF) is an editor for Markdown - a widely used syntax for formatting plain text to convert to blogs, comments, and in other places like on Stack Overflow.

Our aim is to create a useably, stylish new version of the project utilising Microsoft's WPF technology to provide a fresh UI for creating files that we can use to create blog posts for this, and other blogs using Markdown.

Affiliation: Contributed ability to change font size as well as proper scrolling. Might not be in latest binary, but is in source...

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