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I have downloaded indesign and it really is not very intuitive to use. Just wondered what is the best product to use to create corporate assets like brochures, pdf's to send out. I want something that is easy to use with some templates etc, to create professional looking corporate material.

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If you want professional quality business collateral, you need to hire a professional designer or spend years learning to become one. There isn't any program out there that will provide a shortcut to this. If there were, professional designers would be out of jobs.

If you want cheap and easy, use Microsoft Office/Word's templates/wizards. They offer minimal customization and functionality, but they're very easy for someone with no design experience or software training to pick up and start using. The final product won't look as good, and it'll be obvious to most people that it was made from a Word template, but it'll be good enough for many SMEs.

Professionally designed collateral will be made using a combination of InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop—Photoshop for the raster artwork and photo manipulation, Illustrator for the vector artwork like logos, diagrams and illustrations, and InDesign for the layout and typesetting. Corel also has similar suites of graphics and desktop publishing programs, but they will be just as difficult to use for an untrained user.

The only financial shortcut is to use crowdsourcing or purchase professionally designed templates from online sources like Veer, iStock Photo, or GraphicRiver. These won't be as good as custom-made collateral, and you'll run the risk of customers and business partners having seen the same templates before, but it can be cheaper than procuring professional design and branding services.

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