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Is it possible to insert a micro GPS module into my laptop , which is a ThinkPad X220 ?

Something that like BIOS clock , that can power itself without external source.

(Just some thought , but if you know any manufacturer in Europe / North America , please let me know)


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I do believe one of the options - the 'gobi' wwan chipset includes gps – Journeyman Geek Mar 18 '12 at 7:32
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You can buy a MiniPCI GPS card to replace your existing WiFi card. Apparently the mobile broadband card option for some ThinkPads is an Ericsson F3507g mobile broadband card with integrated GPS. It isn't clear to me whether the GPS is a true standalone device or if it uses cellphone tower triangulation, since you must insert a SIM card and enter a PIN to activate the GPS.

You can also buy an USB GPS receiver, but I think they usually use the USB cable as the antenna, so I'd look into the MiniPCI options first.

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