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How do I toggle back to the last tab used in Chrome on Mac? Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab navigates the tabs in order. But I want to switch back and forth between two tabs similar to how how Cmd-Tab switches between the last two apps. There's a way to do this on Firefox but is there a solution for Chrome?

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Also consider using either Opera or Vivaldi which are both chromium-based browsers that support last used tab via ctrl-tab – User Jun 25 at 12:36
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Chrome has no native keyboard shortcut for this, but there's an extension you can use:

Recent Tabs (Chrome Web Store)


  • You can specify any keyboard shortcut you like (default: Ctrl + Q).

  • You can configure it to

    • show a list of the most recent tabs (much like Alt + Tab).

    • toggle between the last 2 tabs.

    whenever you press the keyboard shortcut.

Screenshot screenshot

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Any way this can override Ctrl+Tab? – Joe Aug 20 '12 at 1:50
Just using an extension, no. The extensions web store page says You may ask why didn't I use Ctrl+Tab instead, that's cause Chrome does now allow extensions to map this shortcut key. If you insist in this shortcut, you could assign a different key to it and do a remapping with AutoHotkey. – Dennis Aug 20 '12 at 2:04
Thanks. +1 for AutoHotKey. Shame Chrome has us jumping through hoops for such basic functionality. – Joe Aug 20 '12 at 12:18
Brilliant extension. Given the OS-like qualities Google are building into Chrome, this is functionality that badly needs to be integrated into the brower out-of-the-box. I've mapped to Alt-q which is close enough to Alt-tab to feel natural. – Charles Roper Sep 26 '13 at 11:08

Recent Tabs has a serious problem of interfering with keyboard events handling. It slows down the whole browser key handling. For example, after enabling the extension, go visit and try to control Mario with keyboards. FPS goes rapidly down to 5 or 6.

Not a problem, but a limitation with the extension is it can't move between chrome://* pages or blank page.

There is a working alternative : Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs. It doesn't slow down the browser. It can switch between any pages.

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Imho not any, but only between two. But it has useful option(only one option :) ) - go to recent on close. So it is very useful – Gennady G Nov 5 '15 at 16:36

I really wanted this feature myself, I have tried most existing extensions already available but none of them worked properly.

I went ahead and tried my hand at developing one myself and it seems to be working for me. Figured it might help others too.

Here is the link: CLUT: Cycle Last Used Tabs

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I cannot thank you enough! – Keyslinger Jul 20 '14 at 20:13
Works great +1 thanks. – Day Apr 9 '15 at 10:29

  Chrome on Windows (at least version 30) allows to use a Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut for the extensions, and some extensions do use this functionality.
  The following might work on Mac as well:

  1. Install an extension which switches to last viewed tab, like FLST Chrome (remembers only one tab into the past) or Ctrl+Tab MRU (requires a bit longer Ctrl+Tab press).
  2. Go to chrome://extensions page, click on 'Keyboard shortcuts' link at the very bottom and set Ctrl+Tab as keyboard shortcut for the extension you installed in step 1
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Ctrl+Tab MRU is the closest option to what I'm used to in Opera and FF – KalenGi Oct 11 '14 at 8:09
How does Chrome support Ctrl+Tab? Whenever I try to set that as a shortcut for an extension in the extension tab, Chrome switches to the next tab. From the Ctrl-Tab MRU-Extension: It seems that CHROME HAS DISABLED the possibility to use Ctrl+Tab as a shortcut :-( I'll be looking into this and if we get a workaround for this – flu Oct 17 '14 at 9:57

Ctrl + 1 takes you to tab 1

Ctrl + 2 takes you to tab 2 etc..

Pretty handy if you're opening multiple links from a page that doesn't support middle clicking or right click menus.

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That's nice, but doesn't answer the question of how to switch to the last-used tab. If you know, please edit your answer with the "edit" link. – Ben N Jan 8 at 14:48

Here is the AutoHotKey script to remap the Ctrl+Tab shortcut with CLUT (from Harshay answer) only with Chrome:

; Chrome context
#IfWinActive ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_1
^Tab::Send !{w}
+^Tab::Send !{s}

; Back to global context

It does not emulate exactly the real Ctrl+Tab behavior: Ctrl+Tab will switch only between the two last tabs, and Ctrl+Shift+Tab will switch through the whole history.

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AutoHotKey is for Microsoft Windows. – joeytwiddle Feb 23 at 10:15

I like to toggle between two tabs when filling out forms or comparing pages, etc. As a work around to there being no hot hey for the last used tab, I drag the two tabs into their own window and use the Command+Option+right arrow to go back and forth quickly.

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Note I'm using Windows. This lack of ctrl+tab for "last used tab" support is why I still favor Firefox over Chrome. It is integral to my browser usage. This is what I realized today:

  1. Opera has ctrl tab for last used tab. (To enable go to opera://flags/ and change the 'Tab cycling' option)

  2. Opera uses webkit and the Blink rendering and V8 javascript engines (which at the time of this writing are the same that chrome uses). So it seems like, for my purposes, it is chrome.

I installed Opera for the first time ever today and am going to give it a go for replacing chrome.

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I built this Chrome extension to do just that; Toggle between the last two active tabs using a global hotkey. This means you don't need Chrome to be focused to toggle.

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