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Need to Column C to equal the text in Column G based on the match the value in Column B.

I do have Column C matching the row in which the value is found (based on columns B and F)

Column C's Formula =MATCH(B1,$F$1:$F$39,0)

In the first row, you'll see that I found the row its corresponding value row is in. In CELL C1 for example, I would want to see 112-Campaign Access

enter image description here

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LOOKUP is fine as long as B1 exists in F1:F39 (and because F1:F39 is sorted ascending), but what if B1 is 120? Your formula will return 113-Campaign Implementation. If you want #N/A in that case (as you would get with your MATCH function) then better to use VLOOKUP, i.e.


...or you can use INDEX with your MATCH, i.e.


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I suppose that I should have looked into this a bit more before begging for an answer. I'll keep the question here as it does provide some good info.

Using the function lookup, I was able to select the value in Column B and reference it to Column F and return the value in Column G


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