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Im making a mobile phone Android application in Flash CS 5.5. I set the width/height of the stage to 480/800 px.

When I hit CTRL+ENTER to test run the application I get a window that is 480/800 px. It cannot be resized. I want to change the size of that window WITHOUT changing the stage width/height.

For example if I run the APK on a mobile phone with a 1000x1000 display the flash will scale automatically to fit the 480/800 stage to the 1000x1000 screen.

So it should be possible to change the window size to 1000x1000 without having to change the stage width/height.

But how?

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This is more of a programming question than a user question (although it's both). You might get more answers over on – Wayne Johnston Mar 18 '12 at 22:36
Thanks for the tip, I would have posted on stackoverflow but they have changed their policy and do no longer support posting questions without creating an account. I do not support this so I have taken refugee on this lovely site instead. Being able to post questions without the hassle of signing up first is awesome. – Peter Mar 22 '12 at 2:25

I'm not sure I fully understand your question (or your issue) but I will try to answer that which I think you're asking.

Try setting the [stage.scaleMode][1] to NO_SCALE. Then, at run-time check the stageWidth and stageHeight and build your scene based on those values. As a suggestion, when setting the stage.scaleMode try setting the align as well to TOP_LEFT. Unless the scaleMode is set to no_scale Flash automatically scales the declared stage dimensions to the dimensions of the container. If the scaleMode is set to no_scale then the declared dimensions are ignored and the dimensions of the container are used for the stage.

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