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Current I use "CONCATENATE" to join string in Excel, but I want insert character newlines and tab in string joined by "CONCATENATE".


  • I've string below when I completed join string.

    "Today is very beautiful"

  • I expected string newlines and tab auto as below:

Today is

How to do that?

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As TAB cannot be displayed in Excel cell, instead of using CHAR(9), in order to indent the line, I recommend using spaces. By using REPT() function, it will be easier to control the indent width by specifying the number of spaces (e.g. 4).

=CONCATENATE(A1, CHAR(10), REPT(" ", 4), A2)

Alternatively, I usually use & for concatenation to simplify the formula.

=A1 & CHAR(10) & REPT(" ", 4) & A2

Lastly, you have to format the cell as "Wrap text" by CTRL-1 > Alignment

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You can try this formula:-



CHAR(10) - Line Feed/New Line
CHAR(9)  - Horizontal Tab

To see new line, you need to mark as checked on the Wrap Text box

Right click on Cell --> Format Cells --> Click on Alignment Tab --> Under Text control --> Check the box "Wrap Text"

Note: Tab spacing won't appear on the Cell

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You could try adding newline and tabs yourself, as just another text element:

=CONCATENATE("Today is", Chr(13), Chr(9), "verry", Chr(13), Chr(9), "beautiful"

whereas Chr(13) produces a newline and Chr(9) a tab.

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Thanks boretom. Char(13) ^~^ – Boy's Rules Mar 28 '12 at 17:17
Sorry Boy's Rules, Char(13) is a carriage return, not new line. My bad – boretom Mar 28 '12 at 19:10

You can also use "&" chars to concatenate text in Excel, as below:

The clause: =CONCATENATE(A1,CHAR(10),CHAR(9),B1,CHAR(10),CHAR(9),C1) could be written as:


This form will be interesting when CONCATENATE overflows (it has a limit of entries).

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