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Okay, this is puzzling me. When opening Mantra Toolkit Browser on my 10.7 Lappy, I get this:

You can't open the application CocoaDialog because PowerPC applications are no longer supported.

I googled the phrase as many ways as I could think, and can't find a solution. The program opens fine, but that dialog is annoying. Any ideas ya'll?

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Mantra Security Browser includes a PowerPC-only version of cocoaDialog. 10.7 does no longer support those using Rosetta.

Location of CocoaDialog in the Mantra application bundle

It is used to display rather useless Growl-style notification windows.

Program start notification Program exit notification

You can replace the bundled, PowerPC-only version of cocoaDialog with the download from its website to get those informative messages. Just download cocoaDialog 2.1.1 from its website, right-click the Mantra application bundle, select Show Package Contents, navigate to the location shown in the Finder screenshot above, and replace the CocoaDialog.app.

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You rock! Thank you! –  Joseph Mar 19 '12 at 7:16

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