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I'm looking for someone that knows AutoHotkey that will help me create the following scripts on Windows 7;

1) Minimize window (using control/dot) 2) Closing active window (using control/left arrow) 3) Closing all windows (using control/right arrow)

I've looked at their web site but know nothing about programing so I don't understand the symbols or how to use them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Carlos

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The AutoHotkey (AHK) scripting language is similar to BASIC, and as such is relatively easy to learn. If you are looking to get a general understand of how AHK works, the Tutortial is a great start.

Anyway, the following should do what you want:

  • Minimize the active window with Ctrl+.:

    ^.::WinMinimize, A
  • Close the active window with Ctrl+Left:

    ^Left::WinClose, A
  • Close all windows with Ctrl+Right:

       GroupAdd, AllWindows
       WinClose, ahk_group AllWindows


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Thank you so much for this. It's really going to help a lot. How can I assign points to you for such a fine job? – Carlos Mar 20 '12 at 14:51

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