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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Windows Explorer (not IE)
  2. Navigate to folder A
  3. Navigate to subfolder B
  4. Navigate to subfolder C
  5. Right-click on the Back button in the upper left corner, and it should show a history menu with the items: A, B

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium.

This used to happen on my old installation, but now I restored to the Acer's OEM build which I think does not have this feature.

Am I misremembering, or does the retail release of Windows 7 contain the feature while the OEM does not?

I had hoped this feature would come back by using Windows Update, but it didn't.

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The history menu that you are referring to is known as the Recent Pages drop-down menu. You do not right-click the back button (as you would in a web browser), instead you click the arrow to the right of the forward button.

Recent Pages

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