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I've seen a lot of guides on how to do physical -> VHD, but is there any way to easily move a VHD image to a physical disk easily? Or should I just attach the disk and go to town with GNU DD?

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The dd approach works, but only if the destination physical disk can be trashed and entirely overwritten, and is at least as big as the maximum growth size of the virtual disk. This can also end up taking a long time if the virtual disk isn't "full".

An alternative approach is to use an imaging tool like Ghost or ImageX to efficiently capture the file contents of the virtual disk's partitions into some sort of extractable archive files and then extract their contents onto a partitioned physical disk.

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Attach the VHD to a virtual machine (you can use MS Virtual PC, VirtualBox or any other virtualization software that supports VHD). Then boot the VM with the Acronis True Image ISO mounted in a virtual CD drive and create TIB image, then boot the physicl computer with the same CD (this time burned on a disk) and recover the TIB image to the physical HDD using Sector-by-sector.

This supports the recovery of multiple partitions from the same image.

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Sorry about my english, but you also can use a linux live CD and copy with a "dd" line command from a VHD to a Physical drive.

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Isn't it what OP said in his question? –  gronostaj Aug 14 '14 at 12:17
No. That is what OP asked about in the question. On another note: I would guess that if this does work with VHD files, it might only work on some VHD files... not dynamic VHD files? –  TOOGAM Feb 10 at 1:57

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