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In LibreOffice writer I have a table on which I perform some small calculations.

How can I have an instance of the same table on another page in the same document (automatically updated)?

(e.g. print a copy of the same page with some minor changes)

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A possible solution would be to save the table in a separate document and link it using OLE. This way, you can use the full power of LibreOffice / OpenOffice Calc when working with your table.

To implement it, do the following:

  1. Create the Calc spreadsheet, save and close it (you can still modify it later, even from within writer);

  2. In Writer, at each place where the table (Calc sheet) should appear, insert (link) the calc sheet as an OLE object:

    • Menu Insert -> Object -> OLE Object...;

    • Make sure to select "Create from file" and "Link to file": OLE1

    • In the File text box, enter the Path to the Calc sheet, or use the Search... button to select it, and hit OK.

  3. To edit the Calc sheet, you can:

    • either open the linked Calc file in Calc,

    • or select and double-click the object in Writer,

    • or right-click on the object and select Edit from the context menu in Writer.

  4. To update other instances of the Calc sheet after editing it, just select Menu Tools -> Update -> Update all.

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