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is there a keyboard shortcut for inserting a new line above the current line? Kind of the opposite of cmd+return


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Okay, I just found out that optional+cmd+return should be able to do it. And indeed, I can achieve what I wanted in every file extension except for files that end in, in which case, it inserts a ";" and adds a new line below... – Nik So Mar 21 '12 at 23:46
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Yep, that macro is part of the Source bundle and is only active within the following scopes:

source.ruby | source.ocaml | source.fsharp | source.python | source.haskell | text.html

Not sure why that is since it's widely applicable to many different bundles. Of course you can always open the bundle editor (Ctrl-Opt-Command b), go to the Source bundle, find the macro called "Move to BOL and Insert LF" and remove the scope selector or change it to something like:

source | text

If you also want it to do the same thing in .coffee.js files, you can/should delete the macro in whatever bundle is active for those files (CoffeeScript?)

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Hey Jay, I went with your first approach, I added "|" and it now works!!Thanks! – Nik So Mar 23 '12 at 7:38

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