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I want to list all files but those ending with owp: Hence I tried:

  ls -l *.(^owp)
  zsh: unknown sort specifier
  ls -l *(^owp) 
  zsh: unknown sort specifier
  ls -l *[^o][^w][^p] # does not work either, missing some files

none worked. How do I that in a correct manner? My .zshrc has "set extendedglob".

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Try either:

ls -l ^*.owp


ls -l *~*.owp

Appended () in glob patterns are for glob qualifiers, while you want a glob operator.

What *.(^owp) does is:

  1. Match all file names ending with a dot
  2. if they aren't pipes (^p), and
  3. sort the matches (o) by "w" => "unknown sort specifier"

See man zshexpn => FILENAME GENERATION for more on this.

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^*.owp did the job. whooa, for what *.(^owp) really does :) – math Mar 22 '12 at 14:19
For anyone who can't get this to work, you need to set the extendedglob option in Zsh. – SpaghettiCat May 31 '14 at 13:54

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