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My daily workflow includes me

  1. Launching iTerm2
  2. Creating 3 tabs
  3. Setting one tab each to red, orange and yellow
  4. Changing to a specific path in each tab

I would like to script this process; shell, applescript, etc. However, I cannot seem to find a hook that allows me to change the tab color. Is this possible? Here is a screen shot with an example of what I am trying to achieve.

iTerm tab setup

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Doesn't Set window title and tab chrome background color help? –  user112553 Mar 22 '12 at 15:38

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That's possible and you should read iterm escape codes for details.


I tried to setup the color of the terminal when I do ssh (.ssh/config) and it worked but surprise, when I close the ssh session, it will not call the script again, in order to restore the title/color.

Added a feature request to auto-colored tabs - do not forget to star it, or add your comments (patches are also welcome!)

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I write an ssh wrapper script in my ~/bin which makes the tab color changes (and other things like custom background with server names) and uses an EXIT trap to change them back. –  Aaron Jun 27 '13 at 18:12
Aaron, would you mind sharing your script? –  lfender6445 Feb 26 at 22:19
You can also do that: function ssh { command ssh $@; # RESET BACK -> don't know how yet! help needed here } –  David Krmpotic Mar 17 at 14:01
Somehow I found out... I pasted it as another answer –  David Krmpotic Mar 17 at 14:18

To reset the tab color after exiting the ssh session use:

function ssh {
  command ssh $@
  echo -e "\033]6;1;bg;red;brightness;176\a"
  echo -e "\033]6;1;bg;green;brightness;181\a"
  echo -e "\033]6;1;bg;blue;brightness;175\a"
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