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I'm using Mac OS X Lion's BIND to set up a local domain "webapp.local". I've already set up a VirtualHost in Apache and added "webapp.local" to the host file, which works.

But wanted others on my network to access it.

So I got as far as creating the file /var/named/

webapp.local.         IN      SOA     webapp.local. root.webapp.local.    (
        86400 )
        IN      NS      webapp.local.
        IN      A
*.webapp.local.       IN      A

but running # named-checkconf /var/named/ in Terminal brings up some errors

/var/named/ unknown option 'webapp.local.'
/var/named/ unexpected token near end of file

Using nano keeps adding a new line to the end of the file, which might explain the second error message, though I'm not certain.

Also, adding any comments with ; would return the error message unknown option 'comment'

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ps. I realise that this question might be more suitable on ServerFault rather than SuperUser – Adam-E Mar 22 '12 at 16:26
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I think you want to check that with named-checkzone, which checks zone files. Named-checkconf is expecting named.conf (by default), which has different syntax.

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I like your joke with for remote clients

Did you try to use search for format of Bind zone-files?

; BIND db file for webapp.local

$ORIGIN webapp.local.

$TTL 86400

@       IN      SOA     webapp.local.      root.webapp.local. (
                        2012032301  ; serial number YYMMDDNN
                        28800           ; Refresh
                        7200            ; Retry
                        864000          ; Expire
                        86400           ; Min TTL

            NS      webapp.local.     
webapp.local.   IN  A
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Yeah as this is the first time I've ever touch BIND, my configuration provides a good laugh for everyone else. Thanks for the links, I was following some really badly documented guide, I'm closer to correcting the problem. – Adam-E Mar 23 '12 at 12:51

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