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My parents bought a PC (a old Hewlett Packard Bell Pentium 4) just to watch YouTube. It worked well for months but last week, the DVD drives (there a 2 dvd drives) are no more recognized by the BIOS and Windows, but we can still open/close them.

I tried changing cables and did whatever resources I found on internet about UpperFilters & LowerFilters in regedit; but nothing helped.

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It sounds like the IDE controller has failed. You should be able to replace the drives with a USB Device on the cheap. Based on the fact the computer is worth less then the USB Device, it would likely not possible to replace the IDE Drives ( replaced with SATA Drivers on the market ) you might be better of replacing the computer. –  Ramhound Mar 22 '12 at 18:11

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Try resetting BIOS to defaults.

Generally if the drives are not detected in the BIOS, it's because:

  • they are not hooked up correctly (cable not completely on drive or on motherboard, if you are using unkeyed IDE cables you might be "off by one pin")
  • bad cable
  • jumpers on drives are incorrect
  • failed firmware update
  • other IDE/SATA device is faulty - a failing hard drive could cause other drives to fail to detect on same channel, but it's not likely
  • drive is indeed faulty
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