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I was given a MacBook Pro at work, but no disks or manuels. I made a huge error by using the migration assistant from my home PC. Now when the MacBook pro comes on, it is asking for a password that I have no idea what it is.

I want to just dump everything I migrated, but when I tried to re-install using Command R, it still comes up asking for the password from my home computer.

I really need to dump all of that and start over like I just opened it from work.

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Breaking into your account sounds a lot more convenient than formatting and reinstalling, unless you really really wanted to ditch all your data. Here's how to break in instead:

How can I reset the administrator password on my Mac without a Mac OS X installation disc?

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The "problem" is that OS X reinstallations don't actually delete your user data. You have to manually erase everything before.

So, assuming you have OS X Lion, reboot into Recovery by holding ⌘R, and select Disk Utility from the options. Erase the Macintosh HD first. Warning: Your data will be completely removed. Then, reinstall OS X using the recovery partition. You'll end up with a fresh system.

For older versions of OS X, there's no Recovery boot, so you need an installation disk. It'd essentially allow you to do the same (i.e. select Disk Utility to wipe the Macintosh HD before installation).

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