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Is it possible to convert equations typeset with MathType to native Office 2007/2010 equations? MathType doesn't seem to have that option, but I need it to parse LaTeX formulae in my Word document.

As MathType is a better equation editor, from this related question I get the feeling that this is not possible at all. Did anybody get this working, perhaps with an external tool?

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MathType has a toggle TeX feature that's convenient for converting a single equation or small selection of equations either from MathType to LaTeX or vice versa. There's also the Convert Equations command on the MathType Ribbon in Word that gives you more conversion options.

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My problem with MathType is that I have been unable to make it output native Word equations instead of MathType objects. – krlmlr Apr 17 '12 at 6:14
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I have found that GrindEq offers a MathType-to-Word-Equation converter, it seems to do a proper job. Shareware.

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