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I have properties in my SharePoint web application, and I'd like to save them to text file. After calling $webApplication.Properties, I can see something like this:

Name                           Value
----                           -----
SchoolSiteUrlFormat            https://www.blablablablablablabl/sites/{school}
ApplicationDatabaseListsLoc... https://blablablablablablablabla/sites/zasobys...

How can I direct output from that command to file, where item name and value wouldn't contain those "..." at the and full value would be saved?

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Try piping your output to Out-File with the Width parameter specified.

Do-Command | Out-File -width 300 -filepath "C:\temp\myoutput.log"

If not that, you could try piping it to Format-List and then Out-File.

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I would export it as a comma separated text file (csv). If you need to see it nicely formatted, you can then use a spreadsheet reading program (e.g. excel).

Since the property looks like it is a dictionary, you would use the GetEnumerator() member function to extract the values and pipe it to the Export-Csv commandlet. Something like this:

$webApplication.Properties.GetEnumerator() | select name,value | export-csv -path "properties.csv" -NoTypeInformation
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