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I'm attempting to use VLC 2.0.1 (Intel 64 bit) to connect to a UPnP server (Serviio 0.6.2 on OS X Snow Leopard).

I've tried to enable the feature by right clicking the "Universal Plug 'n Play" node in the LOCAL NETWORK section of the Main Window. While I am able to select 'Enable', the setting doesn't seem to 'stick'. Moreover, UPnP isn't listed in the Playlist > Service discovery section of the preferences. The 'Service discovery modules' is currently set to upnp_intel:sap.

I am able to connect to the UPnP server with my Samsung TV, so I know that the service works.

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Found this thread: Upnp not showing any servers. EyeTV has interfering with VLC. Once I removed EyeTV, everything worked as expected.

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For me, I found I had to quit the Sonos app in order to enable UPnP in VLC.

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