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How can I create new user profile for Opera?

I like to keep lot of open tabs, but often when I work I need to look up things every now and then. So when I need to concentrate on something, e.g. some important TO-DO-NOW, the other tabs can distract me. The best approach for me so far was to create a whole new profile and close the default one.

With *nix version of Opera, I'd can simply opera -pd ~/todo/urgent and Opera would automatically create all files and things it needs.

But on Windows, opera.exe /Settings d:\todo\urgent\ brings an error:

Error initializing Opera: module 9 (prefs)

Description of this switch on Opera's official site says:

/Settings <full path>       Launch with specified settings (opera6.ini) file

so probably the .ini file is missing. Maybe I could "steal" it from somewhere, but it seems to contain quite a lot of full paths to edit, settings that I don't want to use, etc.

Is there any clean and easy way to generate new instance of user settings?

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I'm not on Windows, so I can't try if it works, but according to this blog post -pd should work on Windows too.

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I just wish I had known it before I blasted my old profile :/ They should definitely be more clear about it at the help page – Alois Mahdal Mar 26 '12 at 9:52
I have just filed a bug report to Opera, with suggestion that this switch should be added to their official help. – Alois Mahdal Mar 26 '12 at 11:07
Checking back ages later, I can see they have added -pd to the official help. (Can't see if it was due to my report or not...) – Alois Mahdal Sep 16 '15 at 16:49
@AloisMahdal: according to my experience with Opera, I guess it wasn't due to your report :) – ytg Sep 17 '15 at 8:27

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