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How do I change the MAMP MySQL password on the Mac?

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How can I change the password of the MySQL root user?

Open the Mac OS Terminal Application (located in "/Applications/Utilities") and enter the following command line:

/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password <NEWPASSWORD>

replace <NEWPASSWORD> with your new password. Please bear in mind that you also have to change the phpMyAdmin configuration and probably your own php-scripts to use the newly created MySQL password. For changing the phpMyAdmin configuration edit the following file and update the password:


Source: MAMP FAQ

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I get an error saying 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)' –  user823527 Mar 24 '12 at 18:54
I changed succesfully changed the password with /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password [NEWPASSWORD]. But the MAMP start page could not start the MySQL server with the new password. It does if I change the password back. –  user823527 Mar 24 '12 at 19:08
Yes, sorry, I missed the <NEWPASSWORD>-part, it's fixed now. MAMP cannot longer connect to your database, because you have to change every occurrence of your old password in all the config files. –  0sh Mar 24 '12 at 19:13
I updated the phpmyadmin config.inc.php file what are the other config files that I must update? –  user823527 Mar 27 '12 at 0:53
A good idea might be to search the entire directory for files containing <OLDPASSWORD>. –  0sh Mar 27 '12 at 12:55

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