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Hi I purchased a OWC data doubler ... Long story short it lets you add a second HD to your macbook pro in place of the cd/dvd drive (which is useless anyway, impossible to get stuff out when stuck).

My current setup is 600gb intel SSD bootdrive 100gb partition for OSX / 500gb for Windows 7 Prof from Bootcamp (use 99 % of time). My desire is to have a second 300gb SSD to run disk intensive VM's off of. So I added a second 300gb intel SSD (again, NO desire to boot off of) on the sata optical port. I can see the drive no problem if I boot in to OSX, however, can't see it in disk management on Win7 ??? Any ideas similar experience ...

Funny thing is I can see it in "Device Manager > Disk Drivers" but not Disk Management ???

Also no I don't want to use Fusion/Parallels this is a waste of resources for me.

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Fixed, have to uninstall drive from DISK DRIVES and re-install

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If you answered your own questions, be sure to use the green check-mark to mark it as answered. It may help someone else in the future :) – Raystafarian Mar 28 '12 at 17:23

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