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First off, I'm a Linux Noob - I successfully installed it on an older laptop, so I went out and bought this Samsung series 7. After dual booting Ubuntu alongside Windows I noticed the fan would constantly run on Linux and Windows. However, if I turned the 'Silent Mode' (fn + F11) ON on Windows it'd stop running, unless necessary. The only problem is this 'Silent Mode' function doesn't work on Ubuntu.

So, I scoured the web looking for a solution. I found a few sites with people discussing something similar but no solutions arose. I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction..

Here's a couple resources I found, not sure if they will help you, help me..

Compatibility of Linux with Samsung series 7 Chronos

There must be other people out there having this problem. It's a great computer, it's just a little annoying having the fun run all the time. I would really appreciate any help or guidance on this issue. Thanks!

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These may help you out:

ATI/AMD Graphics Drivers:

Linux on my Samsung project:

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