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I'm using Intel Xeon CPU x5660, 2.80GHz 2.79Ghz in a computer.

I'm trying to find the FLOPS of the CPU, have searched on Internet but didn't find anything about it. Does anybody know how can I find it?

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"FLOPS" is no longer a sensible benchmark (hasn't been in over a decade, TBH). The main problem is that there's no clear definition on what one operation is. For instance, is y=a*x+b one operation or two? With FMA (Fused Multiply and Add), it's only one, but often it's still counted as two. – MSalters Mar 26 '12 at 11:22

Use LinX to find the Giga-FLops your computer can do.

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Intel EM64T Xeon X56xx (Westmere-EP) 2930 MHz (11.72 GFlops)

Mandelbrot multi-core scalar 15.3 Gflops
Dot Product multi-core scalar 10.8 Gflops
Dot Product multi-core vector 25.1 Gflops
LU Decomposition multi-core scalar 6.36 Gflops
Primality Test multi-core scalar 8.15 Gflops

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