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Is there a way to keep the color on the underlined text when an email is sent from Outlook to gmail?

Links gets a blue/purple underline, and all other underlines are set to black.

I really need to have control of the color of the underlines when sending from Outlook.

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Does it stay when you send from outlook to outlook? What about from gmail to gmail? What about gmail imap in outlook? I'm not convinced it's an outlook problem. – Raystafarian Mar 27 '12 at 12:58

Did you use inline styling? I know gmail and outlook can be finicky when it comes to external styling sheets. use html :

<u style="color: #FFFFFF;">Your Text Goes Here</u>

Use hex colors or words to change the color: (#FFFFFF) (Black)

I realize this may be a late answer but it might come useful to someone else :)

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