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Every single time I try to use npm in zsh it asks me if I meant nm. It's gotten very annoying now. I like the auto correct feature, though. How can I turn it off for the npm command?

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Zsh wouldn't autocorrect if it noticed that npm was a valid command. Why doesn't it think that it's a valid command? Is this an installed executable in your $PATH? Do you have execution permissions on it? – Gilles Mar 27 '12 at 20:15
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If you've just installed npm and you're still running a zsh instance from before the installation, run hash -rf to rebuild the command cache (or more precisely hash npm). Instances of zsh started after the installation will pick up this command when they build their cache.

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You could put:

alias npm='nocorrect npm'

in your profile script. Not very pretty but effective.

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