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as I know when we are talking about drives (both ssd and hdd): firmware is a piece of code which regulates the receiving of the data as well as storing the data in the drive itself (using some smart algorithms), from the other side when I create file system actually I tell the drive how the data must be stored (about this one I'm not sure), my question is what is actually file system and how does it interact with firmware in the drive (I mean physically). How can I visualize it? P.S. I read about it in wiki but the interaction is still unclear for me

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You can look at it as layers of abstraction.

Each layer provides the layer above with a certain level of abstraction. The filesystem or your operating system provides you with the layer of abstraction that your files are continous, which they in fact are not. Depending on the filesystem and its fragmentation some files are scattered around the disk. But you will not recognize this, for you the file will look like its only made of one part.

Your operating system should care to some point how to write to the drive, like for example that the drive is devided into sectors. But it should not care how it has to move the head to reach the sector it wants to write to. This is what the firmware does. It provides the operating system with the abstraction layer from the physical layer to the virtual layer.

Additionally firmware manages the physical status of the drive, for SSDs there are sectors that wear off and get automatically replaced by the firmware, for HDDs there are bad sectors, physically damaged sectors, the firmware will not let the drive write to.

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