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How can I? What can I buy? Is it made?

A robotic disc-changer that allow a stack of already burnt discs to be read, taking simple PC data from the discs and off'ing it to the hard drive.

Would like to copy discs, 25 at a time, to a local hard drive. Already have a Primera Bravo but no way to make it do that.

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Buy a Ripstation. "Our 7601XDP is a low volume, single drive USB machine for small projects and needs a PC.If you are ripping less than 250 discs per week, 7601XDP will automated your workflow." Rips CDs, DVDs, Audio, Video, Data. Insert Stack, walk away.

EDIT: Here's a different link to the same product The text is more specific to what you are asking for. Otherwise, same thing.

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