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I need to open .bok file but can't find a freely available tool to open it. I have tried freeFileViewer but it is displaying the file in HEX code. What tool do i need to use ?

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You didn't try to find answer hardly, because it exist on first page of Google-search (for me): File Extension .BOK Details. Mentioned on this page Drudix Book Designer led me to Drudix site and Download page for Drudix Book Designer, where I can read:

The version 2.8.39 can be downloaded furthermore in order to guarantee the compatibility with the old file format .BOK. This file format is not supported anymore in versions newer than 2.8.39.

Is it the answer on your question?

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I have already tried a lot of setups from net. I will let you know if it works. thanks. – Neo Mar 28 '12 at 8:01

BOK file extension is associated with two types of files

  1. TestGen Testbank File To open this file you can use: Pearson Education TestGen

  2. ProStores Dynamic Web Page Edit with eBay ProStores View in a Web browser View in a Web browser

You can look at the page like this, the list of programs can be updated: BOK file extension

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