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Windows Explorer in Windows 7 seems to jump around more than previous versions. The directory forlders seem to want to reposition the directory "just right" in the display. So opening a subfolder can cause a significant shift in the display. Aside from annoying, this has also caused a different directory to be positioned under my cursor and a file or sub-sub-directory to be opened incorrectly. (I'm not talking here about keeping things onscreen).

Any way to slow this down?

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Honestly I always thought this was a feature, not a bug. I've found it to come in handy, but never realized it was inconsistent. – Rob Mar 28 '12 at 17:12

I had a coworker that experienced this issue. In my research on the issue, it seems to be a problem that will not be fixed with Windows 7, but that will hopefully be fixed with Windows 8.

Workarounds: Installing alternate shell or utilizing "Total Commander".

Here are some links that also explain the folder expanding issue.

Forum Post

Microsoft Bug Report *lists other workarounds

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“dwightrj” on suggests right-clicking on a blank area of the Explorer pane at the left, then un-checking Expand to Current Folder and Show All Folders. It still jumps around a little, but it much less annoying.

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