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I have a command that I want to run on machine B from machine A. If I run the command on machine B locally, it works fine.

Here is the command:

for n in `find /data1/ -name 'ini*.ext'` ; do  echo cp $n "`dirname $n `/` basename $n 
.ext`"; done

From machine A, I issue this command

ssh user@machineB  for n in `find /data1/ -name 'ini*jsem'` ; do  echo cp $n "`dirname $n `/` basename $n .jsem`"; done

But I get error syntax error near unexpected token do

What is wrong? I think it has something to do with double quotes, single quotes, semi colon because executing command ssh user@machineB ls works fine. So not issue of authentication or something else.


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Answer is to use a script and then issue ssh user@machineB 'bash -s ' < script Hope it helps somebody. – Ian McGrath Mar 28 '12 at 9:06

The problem is that your local shell is interpreting part of the command. You need to quote the entire command so that the remote shell executes it.

ssh user@machineB 'for n in `find /data1/ -name "ini*jsem"` ; do  echo cp $n "`dirname $n `/` basename $n .jsem`"; done'
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