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I'm looking for a tool to sync my bookmarks locally, without uploading them to any website (like xmarks does.)

Example: i currently use 1Password to sync my logins/passwords. They are not uploaded to any website. The program simply syncs between devices (Mac OSX, iPad, Windows) on the local network, without the need of any remote server/database.

Now i'm looking for a tool that does (kind of) the same thing, for bookmarks.

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If you are using Mozilla Sync you can setup your own Sync server on the network - without accessing the internet.

This would sync all passwords and bookmarks, even history between different devices, including mobile devices.

Mode information here:

Please note that this is a multi-user environment which might be a large cannon if you just try to sync 1 user between 3 computers. However, if your family wants to use this, and you want to include mobile devices etc, this might be the thing for you.

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